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Ukraine belongs to the countries of Europe with the lowest supply of water resources per capita. Military actions on the territory of our state and their consequences will only worsen the situation in the future. What risks await us and what needs to be done so that access to drinking water does not turn into a luxury for us – experts on water resources protection shared their vision of the problem during the webinar for journalists.

This webinar is the first stage of the grant program for media representatives. We implement it together with our partners – with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the assistance of ACTED. Journalists who would like to participate in covering the problem of pollution/limited access to water resources in Ukraine as a result of the war and propose their own concept of a thematic media project will be able to participate in the grant competition and, in case of victory, receive funding for its implementation.

Therefore, we are waiting for proposals from representatives of the media community (we will leave the link to the application below).

And with you we will be glad to share information on this topic from our experts in the near future, because this problem will affect the lives of each of us and will be echoing for many years to come.