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Dear Beneficiaries,

R2P announces the launch of the Livelihoods Grants Program supported by UNHCR. It provides a self-reliance business grant or a vocational/re-qualification training grant. To apply, please fill out the corresponding Google form Business-grant or Vocational Training and submit it within two calendar weeks from the announcement date that is on 21.08.2023

To apply for a grant, you should comply with the following

  • be a refugee, asylum seeker, or complementary protection holder in Ukraine;
  • be eligible for UNHCR assistance;
  • live in the territory of Ukraine, particularly in Kharkiv and Kharkiv oblast or Lviv and Lviv oblast. If you reside in other oblasts of the country, you need to enquire about the corresponding program of other UNHCR partners;
  • have a business idea or a training plan. 

The approximate amount of the vocational training grant is 3,000 USD, and the business grant is 5,000 USD. You should prove the sum with the necessary equipment/facilities or training service.  

!! Please note: The selection of grant beneficiaries is not based on the vulnerability of the beneficiary but on the validity and sustainability of their business idea or justification of the necessity to obtain vocational training. 

Good luck. We are looking forward to receiving your pre-applications!

If you have any questions, please contact R2P by tel. 093-038-95-62.