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It is difficult to exercise your rights when you do not know them or do not know where to go to get the right information. That is why our colleagues, with the support of the Swedish Institute (SI) and the University of Lund, have developed an information booklet “Promoting access to basic social services for the Roma population”. Our lawyers Sonya Kordonets and Konstantin Funziy has already, together with the partners, spoken about it to the representatives of the Roma community of Kyiv region. On February 12 the meeting turned into a consultation. There are a lot of problems that need to be commented by lawyers and specialists. The questions were mostly concerned on the topic of obtaining a Ukrainian passport. We thank to the representatives of the Center for Social Services for the Family, Children and Youth of Darnytskyi District for their support and assistance in organizing the meeting.


27 November started the project “Life without violence”, implemented by Foundation “Child Smile” supported by Danish Refugee Council, ACF “right to protection” and the Agency for Refugees.

Within three months of the program will be held two trainings for psychologists working with adolescents. Project objectives – to train specialists to identify abusive adolescents and assist them. Training will conduct practical psychologists Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital, experts with years of experience in crisis situations.


In Zaporozhye religious center “Rehovot” opened its doors section of table tennis for children of immigrants. Now the boys can exercise at any time asa table tennis set in playroom.


The project covered 20 regions of Ukraine, including Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In Dnipropetrovsk region 124 families received individual assistance and about 300 people attended activities, aimed at integrating displaced people into local communities.


Yesterday, on June 22nd, the employees of Slov’yansk office of the project “Advocacy and Legal Assistance for Internally Displaced Persons”, implemented by the CF “Right to Protection” supported by the UN High Comission for Refugees (UNHCR), the lawyer Anna Bukreyeva and the monitor Natalia Shevchenko visited district center Artemove. The city is subordinated to Toretsk city council of Donetsk Region.

The purpose of the trip is an information campaign “Increasing legal awareness of the population affected in the military conflict in the east of the country: appeals of citizens to national and international courts on the matters of destruction of housing.”

“Look at the photo – this is only a small part of what we saw. People are in despair, but try not to panic and they rely on our help,” tells Anna Bukreyeva. “So almost every day we go to various towns and villages, meet with people whose homes have suffered from the attacks. For example, in Artemove 10 families received clarification, legal advice and recommendations as for the documents necessary for application to the court.”


On July 20th, public organizations that protect the rights of internally displaced persons held a demarche “Groisman, open your eyes to the problems of IDPs” under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Human rights activists presented their alternative report on 100 days of work in the field of internally displaced persons to the Government and handed a big book, which contains real stories of the IDPs who are victims of inhuman and discriminatory policy of the state. Human rights activists also wanted to give Groisman big spectacles as a symbolic incentive to see the real situation in the field of internal displacement, but the representatives of the Government did not accept that gift.


Today EEC Mayorsk has started working.

According to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the decision to transfer the checkpoint of Zaytseve closer to the demarcation line was taken to strengthen the control over the movement of people, vehicles and trucks.

The employees of the CF “Right to Protection” office in Slovyansk inform that Zaytseve EEC will be closed today. But there were more than 1.5 thousand people near it on October 21st in the morning.

Currently those who cross the demarcation line by car are going to Mayorsk EEC on their own. Buses have been sent for other people.

Note that Mayorsk EEC is hardly ready to let people through: there is only one MES tent set, but it’s empty – there are no lights even; the road is filled with rubble, which complicates the movement of the elderly and parents with children.