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According to official accounts, prior to full-scale invasion some 5,000 refugees and asylum seekers were living in Ukraine. Having already fled other conflicts or persecution, they lack documents or even a nationality, do not have a safe home country to return. 

While Europe has provided an unprecedented level of support and rights to Ukrainian nationals, previously displaced asylum seekers and refugees have faced significant barriers to protection. To better understand the protection risks faced by those who were forced to flee to the European Union (EU), we examined the scope and limitations of the policies enacted by the EU and its Member States to protect those fleeing the war in Ukraine. Additionally, HIAS and Right to Protection (R2P) conducted a survey of 300 non-Ukrainian asylum seekers and refugees – many of whom we had previously been providing legal aid in Ukraine.

Based on this research R2P and HIAS have developed recommendations for the governments of EU member states to help improve the situation of this vulnerable group.

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