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During 2017, Right to Protection’s (R2P) efforts were aimed at solving the daily problem facing conflict affected persons and IDPs from Donbas. R2P employees interviewed 98 243 persons. Many of them received assistance.

23 772 persons, who make up 57%, received assistance on social benefits and pensions. 14,024 persons received consultations on protection issues.

During June-December, R2P monitors interviewed 15 432 people at the five Entry Exit Checkpoints along the contact line. In total, 472 monitoring visits were carried out along the contact line.

During the year, 4 787 monitoring visits were made to 619 communities. 126 of these communities are located near the contact line.

481 persons with dire problems received targeted, non-standard personal material assistance. 89% of these people received help to meet their basic needs.


The Draft Law 7163 was submitted to the Parliament by the President of Ukraine as urgent. The Parliament voted the Draft in the first reading in the beginning of October 2017. According to the explanatory note, the Draft Law is aimed at creating a new legal basis for repelling hostile aggression of the Russian Federation in Donbas, and in the long term prospective – for restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine within an internationally recognized border.

We believe that it is necessary to adopt the law regulating the issues of the implementation of state sovereignty of Ukraine in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, and guaranteeing the realization of the rights and freedoms of persons residing there. However it is worrying that, current Draft Law is adopted with numerous violations of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Ukraine, without consideration of alternatives and public discussion of the main provisions of the future law, without involvement of representatives of civil society And MPs of Ukraine who submitted numerous corrections to the bill for such a discussion.

Moreover, during the revision of the Draft Law before the second reading by the Committee on National Security and Defense, the text was substantially amended by the Working group, which did not include representatives of public, humanitarian and international organizations. Currently certain draft law provisions are of serious concern, since, if they are adopted, it will lead to a significant deterioration of the situation regarding the protection of human rights and freedoms not only in the conflict zone, but also throughout Ukraine.


We have collected the life histories of court cases which were or are now being litigated by human rights defenders of the Right to Protection CF (R2P).

These stories are about the retirees of Donbas: people who decided to start a new life in a new place, about temporarily displaced persons, about people who, unable to withstand the difficulty of life in their location of
displacement, returned home, as well as those who could not leave their homes in uncontrolled territory (NGCA) because of helplessness.

All these stories are united by a common issue: people continuing to suffer from the consequences of war and having been deprived of their single source of income during old age – retirement benefits.

However, they found the internal strength to fight for this right guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine.

Let us introduce you to both positive and negative court decisions and try to look behind the meager wording and find human DESTINIES …