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Zulfiya was born in 1990 in the city of Horlivka in the Donetsk region. Her parents left her when she was a child. Until the age of 14 y.o. she was raised by her aunt. It was not possible to get a birth certificate and passport, because Zulfiya was born outside of maternity hospital. 

After reaching the age of 14, the woman began to live independently, she even had her own family. In Horlivka, Zulfiya gave birth to two children: a boy Ramir and a girl Kamila. However, the woman could not register their birth because she did not have any documents.

After the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Zulfiya and her children moved to Mariupol, where she later gave birth to two more children, Janusz and Milana. It was also not possible to register their birth as it is required to have a passport to do that.

2 Історія Зульфії Zulfiya Story birth certificates children family сім'я діти свідоцтво про народження
Due to the lack of documents, the family has to live in an inhumane conditions. In this picture – the swamp from which the family gets the water

In 2019, Zulfiya turned for help to the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P). Our lawyers urgently began to deal with the issue of registration of children and collect the necessary documents that would confirm the fact of their birth in Mariupol. 

Subsequently, two children received their birth certificates. However, the other two children, Ramir and Kamila are still living without certificates. Their cases require court proceedings and decisions without which it is simply impossible to register the fact of birth.

To help the woman, an application was filed with the court to establish the fact of her birth in Horlivka. After a year of consideration of the case, the court issued a decision, according to which it was possible to obtain a birth certificate for the woman. 

Zulfiya saw it for the first time in 30 years of her life and was infinitely happy about it. Now, having received a birth certificate, the woman will apply to the migration service for a passport. Zulfiya really wants to change her life for the better and to have a worthy place in society!

3 Історія Зульфії Zulfiya Story birth certificates children family сім'я діти свідоцтво про народження

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