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During the period of quarantine restrictions, thousands of people have been trapped on both sides of the contact line. Most of those people who had justified reasons and all the necessary supporting documents for crossing, could not pass home, to their families, work, etc. Despite the efforts from different human rights organizations to help people to enjoy the freedom of movement very few managed to cross.

On 9 June, the Headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) reported that from 10 June two out of five EECPs, namely Stanytsia Luhanska (Luhansk oblast) and Marinka (Donetsk oblast), would resume their work.

However, as of 15 June, the problem of freedom of movement across the contact line remains unresolved:

  1. in Donetsk oblast EECPs operate only from the government-controlled area (GCA) side;
  2. in Luhansk oblast the passage was allowed only on 13–15 June according to the lists, which order of formation remains opaque and incomprehensible to the public;
  3. there is no information from the official authorities of Ukraine on the prospects of resumption of normal operation of the EECPs and the progress of negotiations with the Russian Federation and the de facto authorities on the non-government-controlled area (NGCA) on this issue.

It is also worth noting that during this period in Stanytsia Luhanska, 34 children, who intended to pass the trial external assessment on 15 June, passed through the EECP. But the Cabinet of Ministers canceled its attendance-based conducting at the last minute

Detailed overview of the events at EECPs in the period from 10 to 14 June you may find in CF “Right To Protection” digest, which is available in English and Ukrainian