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In April 2016, the village of Zaitsevo in the Donetsk region came under fire.  The houses of the locals were damaged or even destroyed.  The owner of one of the destroyed houses in Zaitseve applied to the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) for legal assistance.

According to Resolution № 767 of 02.09.2020, the owners of housing destroyed as a result of hostilities have the right to receive monetary compensation. One of the conditions for receiving such compensation is the presence of registered property ownership, recorded in the State Register of Property Rights to Immovable Property.

Despite the availability of documents for the house, the beneficiary was denied state registration of ownership.  All because the initial registration was carried out by the Bureau of Technical Inventorization in the city of Horlivka.

The case was initiated by the legal team of the R2P office in the city of Bakhmut, which, in particular, provides free legal aid and judicial representation of beneficiaries in cases of protection of property rights.

On April 1, the decision of the Artemivskyi City District Court recognized the ownership of the house “vul. Leskova” (this name of the street was defined in the title documents).  However, the beneficiary failed to register the property right according to the court decision, as the name of the street is indicated in the State Register as “vul. Leskova N.S”.

Назва вулиці – важлива. Історія як БФ «Право на захист» допоміг бенефіціару відстояти право власності та отримати компенсацію за зруйноване житло

The beneficiary’s lawyer appealed to the Information Systems State Enterprise and found out that the reason for making changes to the name of the street was the relevant decision of the local self-government body. 

As Leskova Street is located in Zaitseve village on the territory of Civil-military Administration (CMA), lawyer of the Fund addressed the head of CMA who signed the order «On renaming of the streets of the Zaitseve village, Bakhmut district, Donetsk region», that in result changed the name of the street from “vul. Leskova N.S.” to “vul. Leskova”.

Now the name of the street is listed in the State Register of Property Rights to Immovable Property as “vul. Leskova”, which allows the beneficiary to register ownership and receive compensation for the destroyed house.

The best in this story is that it is not a success for just one person, but for all the people who live on this street in Zaitseve: now they will finally be able to properly carry out registration actions for their property.