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Fakhridin was born in 1993 in Tajikistan. At the age of 15, he moved to Ukraine together with his mother. His first place of residence was the village of Pikuzy (old name – Kominternove, Novoazovsk district, currently a Non-Government Controlled Area of Ukraine).

There he received education and successfully completed nine classes. Later he lived and studied in Volnovakha and Mariupol, where in 2013 he graduated from the Mariupol Vocational Lyceum of Motor Transport and received a truck crane driver certificate.

In Mariupol, Fakhridin started a family, and later two children were born – a boy and a girl. All this time, for almost 15 years, he tried to get an identity document in Ukraine to have the right to work legally and become a full member of society.

However, due to the gaps in the legislation, it was not possible. No matter how much he tried to apply to the Migration Service, he always received denials and threats to be forcibly deported…

In 2018, Fakhridin applied to the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P) and to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine for help with obtaining the documents.

Our colleagues have taken all the necessary legal actions to help.  A lawsuit was initiated and the fact of Fakhridin’s family relationship with his sister, who lives in Mariupol and has the status of a citizen of Ukraine, was established.

This year, thanks to changes in legislation and court decisions, it has become possible to apply to the State Migration Service of Ukraine for recognition as a stateless person.

In addition, Fakhridin became the first applicant for a Stateless Determination Procedure in the Donetsk region. Now he believes and hopes that Ukraine will take his side and recognize his right to exist, so he will be able to work legally, sign a declaration with a doctor and never again be afraid of forced deportation!