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The specialists of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) were approached by the residents of one of the settlements near the contact line, who reported that a man born in 1959, who had not had a permanent residence for about two years, lived in their settlement. He periodically lives in the basements of apartment buildings and on the street.

The Fund’s social workers visited the settlement to obtain more detailed information and talk to the beneficiary. As a result, it was found out that the man is currently living in a summerhouse with a local resident. The house is not equipped with heating, there is no drainage, water supply, and other conditions for permanent residence.

The man speaks poorly, possibly due to a stroke he suffered, and needs a medical examination.  He is not officially employed. It is impossible to issue a pension due to insufficient length of service, as evidenced by the official refusal of the territorial division of the Pension Fund. Man has the identity documents, employment record book, and education documents (previously restored by the house management representatives).

Employees of the R2P interviewed the man’s sister about taking him in, but the woman refused.

To help homeless man, a request was sent to the head of the Volnovakha City Civil-Military Administration for social protection, to register him as a homeless person, as well as further appropriate actions and measures under the Law of Ukraine “On Fundamentals of Social Protection homeless people and homeless children.”

As a result of joint work, a joint visit of employees of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P), the Center for Social Services, and the Territorial Center for Social Services of the Volnovakha City Territorial Community was carried out, during which a detailed explanation was provided regarding the registration of a man and the provision of services by the Territorial Center for Social Services of the Volnovakha City Territorial Community.

We have discussed the possibility of man’s placement in charitable rehabilitation centers, but the man refused the offer. The man was informed about the possibility of organizing his escort to the hospital and about receiving humanitarian aid.

As a result of the joint work, the man was registered as a homeless citizen at the Territorial Center for Social Services of the Volnovakha City Territorial Community, and a certificate of registration of a homeless person was issued.

Unfortunately, the problem of living conditions remains unresolved. The state of health (stroke) and the age of the man do not allow him to work, rent a house, and generally support existence on his own.

According to the results of the next visit to the beneficiary, it was established that he continues to live in an unsuitable place (summer country house) without heating, electricity, and water supply. During the visit, we have also recorded the absence of food, lack of proper sanitary, hygienic, and temperature conditions. His health condition is a cause for concern.

Being worried about his own life due to the gradual decrease in air temperature, the man appealed to us to help him settle in a communal or private boarding house in the Donetsk region.

Realizing that further deterioration of weather conditions, lower air temperature endangers the life of the citizen, employees of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) appealed to the Territorial Center for Social Services of the Volnovakha City Territorial Community to place a homeless person in boarding house.

But while this question is being solved, weather conditions worsen and the man freezes in a country house. R2P Team found a temporary place of residence in one of the charitable centers for six months, where he then was taken. Now we are reassured knowing that our beneficiary will spend the cold season in the warm and will be provided with the means of subsistence.