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  • How environmental issues might affect the state of public health in Ukraine? 
  • How the decarbonization process might influence the environmental, social, economic, demographic landscape of eastern Ukraine? 
  • What will be the future of the environment in eastern Ukraine?

The answers to these questions will have a significant impact on the lives and health of many people. But can we answer those questions without considering all the possible risks? Such as industrial, environmental, and conflict-related risks. In fact, not really.

Without reliable data, it is impossible to predict all possible scenarios. In turn, without the use of an evidence-based approach, it is impossible to develop the necessary recommendations and appropriate solutions. This is the reason why R2P is keen to create a solid and evincible bedrock for its advocacy activities in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

БФ «Право на захист» розпочинає дослідження техногенних та природних ризиків на сході України

Today R2P starts working on two analytical research documents related to DRR.

The first one will be focused on public health in eastern Ukraine: its purpose is to improve understanding of the impact caused by environmental and industrial risks on public health in targeted areas. Based on the results of this research, R2P will develop comprehensive recommendations for further advocacy at the national level to mitigate the negative impact of risks on the health of the population.

The second research will bring into focus the risks associated with the uncontrolled flooding of mines and related environmental, social, and economic consequences. R2P has engaged national technical experts with solid experience in environmental/industrial risks to conduct the research and develop efficient mechanisms for just transition and closedown of mines. Based on the results of this research, R2P will compile recommendations for authorities at all levels, identifying possible solutions to minimize the negative consequences of restructuring for the public health, environment, and social infrastructure in targeted communities.

БФ «Право на захист» розпочинає дослідження техногенних та природних ризиків на сході України

We believe that our research activities will help to better understand and further mitigate key industrial and environmental risks in eastern Ukraine. Solutions and recommendations provided within the analytical documents will form the essence of further advocacy efforts, which will feed into the development of the national DRR agenda.