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The story began in May 2021. At first, this case seemed so complicated that it could be simply impossible to provide the necessary assistance.

However, we made an effort and were able to succeed and help this little family to cope with all the difficulties!

One day Natalia, a 27 years old pregnant woman applied to the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection (R2P) for help. She was in difficult life circumstances since she had no identity documents.

Natalia is an orphan with a disability. Her parents died when she was a little baby. Aunt took her and her sister under guardianship. All of them lived together in one of the settlements near the town of Volnovakha, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine.

According to the woman, the aunt often insulted her. One day, Natalia’s patience ran out: she collected all of her documents and left the house.  For several days she spent nights at bus stops where her documents were stolen. The girl was sheltered by a local resident of Volnovakha, who lived alone with his mother.

The pregnant woman was not registered at the women’s clinic. Natalia understood that the term was already very long and she would give birth soon, but due to the lack of documents, she would not be able to register her baby and get the necessary social assistance.

Being worried about the fate of her unborn child, the woman began to look for all possible ways to restore the documents. One day, Natalia turned for help to the R2P.

Зробити все можливе і неможливе заради власної дитинки. Історія Наталії Trying to do everything possible and impossible for a child. Natalia's story

In May, Natalia gave birth to a daughter. Our colleagues helped her recover the stolen documents. On her birthday, she received a new passport, and a few days later – a duplicate of the taxpayer’s card (TIN).

Without wasting time, a daughter’s birth certificate was issued at the Volnovakha District Department of the State Civil Registry Office.

The Administrative Service Centre of the Volnovakha District State Administration provided state assistance for the birth of a child, aid to a single mother, families with children, and received a newborn starter kit.

Accounts were also opened at the bank to receive state monetary aid. From the Center for Social Services, the mother and baby received diapers and a baby blanket, hygiene products, bed linen, clothes for mother and child, food.

Social workers helped the mother and child to sign a contract with the family doctor. Now the child is under the supervision of a pediatrician.

During a visit to the family, it was also discovered that an elderly woman living in the house with Natalia had a serious illness and needed treatment. Employees of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) urgently transported the woman to the hospital where she was immediately admitted to the surgical department.  Currently, the woman is feeling better and receives qualified medical care.

We are so glad that we were able to help this family. We wish Natalia and her daughter to never get into such a difficult life situation again!

R2P expresses its sincere gratitude for the cooperation in solving the problems of this family to the staff of the Volnovakha District Department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, the Volnovakha Administrative Services Centre, the Volnovakha State Civil Registry Office, and the Center for Social Services.

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