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As of now, the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) implements 5 dialogue projects and is actively involved in peacebuilding initiatives.

We are proud that the experts of our team took part in the development of the Conceptual Framework for Peacebuilding Policy in Ukraine. This document is the basis for the strategy of the Center for Peacebuilding.

On December 22, representatives of the R2P Nadiya Kovalchuk, Natalia Proskurenko, and Oleksandr Gviazdovskyi met with the Acting Director of the newly established Ukrainian National Center for Peacebuilding (UNCP) Oleksandr Smyrnov. The formats of partnership and the possibility of future cooperation were discussed at the meeting. They agreed to work together on priority issues of dialogue and peacebuilding.

The public sector and civil society worked together to create the Conceptual Framework for Peacebuilding Policy in Ukraine, represented by more than 200 experts and specialists, including human rights activists, participants of the religious initiatives, veterans, women’s organizations, as well as journalists.

It should be noted that the document on the vision of peacebuilding was written for the first time in Ukraine based on proposals from civil society.

In addition, for the first time, civil society organizations have the opportunity to influence the content of the highest priority areas of the Ministry for Reintegration and UNCP in the field of peacebuilding.

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