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The State Migration Service of Ukraine (SMSU) advised Halyna Mykhailivna to turn CF “Right to Protection” (R2P). SMSU staff began assisting the woman in obtaining a passport when they discovered a strange fact – the record of a woman’s birth was missing from the State Register of Civil Status.

It is known that Halyna Mykhailivna was born in 1956 in the city of Kupyansk, Ukrainian SSR. The woman received a birth certificate, on the basis of which she graduated from school and entered the institute. On her 16th birthday, she received a passport of a citizen of the USSR. In 1983, the woman officially married, which was recorded in the State Register of Civil Status.

When all of Halyna Mykhailivna’s documents were lost, it became necessary to obtain a birth certificate again. It is necessary to issue a passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of an ID card.

Halyna Mykhailivna turned to the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P) for help. Our lawyer had a detailed interview with the woman and made a number of inquiries, but in the end, there was a sad confirmation that there was no data about the woman’s birth at all. Neither an act entry in the State Register of Civil Status Acts nor information in the Birth Registration Books – like if Halyna Mykhailivna never existed.

On the basis of previously collected evidence, the lawyer of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) filed a lawsuit in the interests of Halyna Mykhailivna. And only a court decision was able to establish the birth of a woman.

Навіть найдовший шлях починається з першого кроку. Історія Галини Михайлівни

Thanks to the fast and coordinated work of the Kholodnohirsky department of the State Registrar of the Acts of Civil Status, the woman was holding a birth certificate the next day. This was the first and most important step on the way to the dream passport. No wonder ancient wisdom teaches: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

We thank the employees of the Kholodnohirsky District Department of State Registration of Civil Status Acts of the Eastern Interregional Department of Justice of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (in Kharkiv) for their high professionalism and humanity in providing assistance!

Our colleagues continue to work on the registration of the passport for Halyna Mykhailivna. We will inform you of the progress in it in the near future!

UNHCR Ukraine