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More than 180 internally displaced persons (IDPs) currently live in the compact residence unit (CRU) “Holy Mountains” (“Sviati Hory”). Most of them are elderly people, families with children with disabilities, incapacitated bedridden people.  They live at risk of eviction because every year there is a risk of lease non-renewal.

«IDPs are constantly looking for the most comfortable settlement options not to be dependent on external factors and tenant conditions. People are tired of living with the fear that they may be deprived of housing and left in the open. Everyone wants stability and confidence in the future for themselves and their families, »

– shares Natalia Shevchenko, monitor of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P)
Консультація щодо всеукраїнських житлових програм для ВПО в МКП «Святі гори»

On June 10 our colleagues from the Sloviansk office of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) held a group consultation on housing programs for internally displaced persons available in Ukraine. During the meeting, participants received information about the “Affordable Housing” program, the opportunity to receive a soft government loan, as well as on the program for social and temporary housing.

«The Sviatohirsk Territorial Community is currently being reorganized, and its leadership is interested in a long-term solution to the housing problems of internally displaced persons. We are confident that this community will be able to create all the conditions for the registration of those who need social and temporary housing. »

– said Iryna Abramova, the monitor of the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection (R2P).