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On May 30 experts of the Right to Protection with the support of the UNHCR held a round table in Dnipro on the implementation of the rights of stateless persons during the procedure of recognition as a stateless person.

The event was attended by employees of regional offices of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights and regional legal aid centers in Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Anastasia Koval, a legal analyst of the project on providing legal assistance to stateless persons of the Right to Protection, said:

“The purpose of such meetings is to exchange experience in providing legal assistance to stateless persons, accompanying and receiving applications from these persons. We also hope that the organization of such events will help identify problems in this area and we will be able to find ways to solve them”. 

During the round table, the participants discussed all the features of the stateless person recognition procedure, legal regulation and practical aspects of accompanying people during this process.

A psychologist, who works with vulnerable categories of persons also took part in the event. He explained in an interactive format how to properly and easily find a common language with stateless people. Also, he emphasized on the personal emotional and psychological state of workers, who deal with vulnerable categories of people.

The participants of the event took an active part in the discussion of problematic issues and tried to find possible ways of further cooperation between state authorities and representatives of the R2P to provide effective assistance to stateless persons.

We hope that such meetings will help ensure the realization of the rights of stateless persons in Ukraine much faster and more effectively, including during access to the procedure of recognition as a stateless person.