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Today we present the report ‘Crossing the contact line’ for July 2021, prepared by the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P). The report is based on data collected during the monitoring of the situation on EECPs. More statistical data is available on the Eastern Ukraine Checkpoint Monitoring Online Dashboard:

  • This month, crossing the contact line remained possible only through two EECPs out of seven: Novotroitske in Donetska Oblast and Stanytsia Luhanska in Luhanska Oblast, at a level considerably below the pre-COVID period. The other EECPs remained closed on the NGCA as a measure to restrict the spread of COVID-19. The numbers of people crossing them in July 2021 were about eight per cent of the pre-COVID-19 levels, which in 2019 often exceeded 1 million per month. In July, 80,588 people crossed the contact line.
Перетин лінії розмежування через КПВВ, липень–2021 (ЗВІТ)
  • Ukraine entered the green zone in terms of the number of COVID-19 cases. In this regard, the mandatory requirement for travellers crossing the EECP to install the smart phone GEO-tracing app Vdoma was lifted on 17 June.
  • On 26 July, a bus with over 20 people arrived from NGCA to Novotroitske EECP at the end of the working day. The travellers would have been stranded at the border all night. However, after R2P intervention, and by the order of JFO headquarters, the work of EECP was extended and people were able to pass through. In addition, the transportation to Volnovakha was arranged.
Перетин лінії розмежування через КПВВ, липень–2021 (ЗВІТ)
  • Since 28 July, people have had the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19 directly at Stanytsia-Luhanska EECP. The vaccination center is open on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9 am. to 12 am.
  • During July, 11,380 vulnerable elderly persons were transported across the Stanytsia Luhanska EECP by an electric vehicle provided by the NGO Proliska.

The report is available in