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«Assistance to the IDP families in resettlement has always been a priority in the work of the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P). And in this situation, it is important that the local communities be willing to help internally displaced persons find their new homes. We are grateful that there are such communities in the Dnipropetrovsk region, which are ready to accept and help IDPs from other regions. Communities that are actually open to people!»

– said Myroslava Sushchenko, head of the Dnipro and Zaporizhzhya office of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P)

The Story of Displacement

Svitlana and Oleksandr. Back in the peaceful days, they used to renovate their old home, putting all their love and efforts into making it better, but all these happy days were short… 

In 2014, the family was forced to leave Shakhtarsk due to the start of active hostilities and initially, the occupation of the city.

Fleeing the war in the east, the family found their first shelter in the west of Ukraine in Sambir district, where they have been living for almost 5 years. Svitlana and Oleksandr still remember the lovely nature of the Carpathians and the kindness of the people around them.

Історія переселення: громада відкрита для людей

After learning about the possibility of moving to the module settlement in the Kirovohrad region, the family decided to go, due to it being closer to their home. So they moved to Novohradivka. The couple lived in the new place for two years, but the high rent and insufficiently developed infrastructure forced them to start searching for a new place once again… And during this period they found the contacts of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P).

Olena Pazenko, a monitor at the Dnipro and Zaporizhzhya office of the Right to Protection Charitable Foundation, immediately offered the family possible options for resettlement. After the consultation, they stopped their choice at the city of Pokrov, Nikopol district. Svitlana and Oleksandr have been hesitating for several months, and when they finally decided to come, our colleagues accompanied them in the new community. After inspecting the room in the dormitory, walking around the city, the family made the final decision to stay.

Within one day, Svitlana and Oleksandr received an IDP registration certificate at the new location, underwent the necessary examinations at the hospital, and applied to the settlement commission.

місто Покров

«I have been going to Pokrov with monitoring visits since 2015, and every time I visit this incredible town I fall in love with it in a new way.  And it is the people who make it so cozy. Pokrov is a city where people are not indifferent to the fate of internally displaced persons. So it was this time.

When we were collecting a package of documents, people everywhere came to meet us.  We did not see officials, we saw caring people. I would like to express special gratitude to Valentyna Minenko, director of Zhytlokomservice, which has IDP dormitories on its balance. She is always ready to provide shelter to the people who became homeless due to the hostilities in eastern Ukraine, »

– commented Olena Pazenko, a monitor at the Dnipro-Zaporizhzhya office of the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P).

Eventually, a week after the application was submitted, the family moved into a dormitory.

Oleksandr loved the city at first sight. When he learned more about the city, he made sure that he and his wife were not mistaken: 

«I walk around the city a lot here. It inspires, and it’s actually made for people! As a person with a disability, it is difficult for me to walk a lot, but there are benches everywhere, you always have the opportunity to sit down and relax. It’s nice to feel taken care of. »

– told Oleksandr about his experience of living in a new place.

Svitlana is already arranging a new house and dreams that the children who now live in the Zhytomyr region will also move to Pokrov and the family will finally reunite. Her words of gratitude are very valuable to us:

Історія переселення: громада відкрита для людей

«R2P, thank you that in the 7th year of the war, when fewer organizations take care of IDPs, you did not leave us, the displaced, alone with our own problems.»

– said Svitlana.