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Residents of one of the settlements of Volnovakha Civil-Military Administration (CMA) contacted the social workers of the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P) and reported about a man of a respectable age without a permanent place of residence living in their settlement for almost 2 years, periodically in apartment basements and on the street.

Cooperation for help Допомога спільними зусиллями

Our colleagues immediately headed to the settlement, where they searched for this man and found out that now he temporarily lives in the country house with an acquaintance. The country house has no access to heating, water supply, drainage, and other conditions for permanent residence. In addition, it was found that the man is not officially employed, does not receive pension benefits, and needs a medical examination due to a stroke he had recently.

R2P Employees sent a request to the head of the Volnovakha City CMA for social protection of the homeless, paid a joint visit to the man together with the employees of the Center for Social Services and the Territorial Social Service Center of the Volnovakha City CMA.

Допомога спільними зусиллями

As a result of the joint work, our beneficiary was registered as homeless and was issued a certificate to start receiving an old-age pension and/or a social pension, referrals were issued to the Pension Fund of Ukraine Office in Volnovakha District and the Volnovakha District State Administration.

The man was also offered accommodation in a charity rehabilitation center, but he declined the offer. It is also possible to accompany him to the hospital and provide humanitarian assistance.