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As in most regions near the contact line, it is quite difficult to find a job in the Azov Sea region. However, we hope that the participants of our project will soon have a few more opportunities to get a job or start their own business.

In August 2021, CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) held 6 career consultation meetings in the cities of Berdyansk, Mangush, Tokmak, Melitopol, and Mariupol. The events were organized in a mixed format.

73 participants had the opportunity to join the educational trainings.

R2P conducted career consultations for the population of the Azov Sea region БФ «Право на захист» провів кар’єрні консультації для населення Приазовського регіону

During the meetings, the beneficiaries had the opportunity to meet our speakers – the Manager of the Project Maryna Lyakh, Employment Advisors Anastasiya Chrystenko and Valeriia Mykhalko, and the Lawyer of the Project Denys Chekmenyov. Our colleagues, in particular, told the participants about:

  • the essence and purpose of the educational program;
  • the structure of the curriculum, its modules, and expected results;
  • topics of the group and individual career and legal consultations;
  • legal chatbot and its capabilities;
  • work with the Zoom platform (in the context of participation in the online events).

As a result, participants were acquainted with the format of the course, received answers to important organizational questions regarding practical classes and individual work, as well as had the opportunity to agree and clarify the schedule of classes. Among other things, our colleagues created groups in one of the popular messengers for further communication with the beneficiaries during the course.

At the end of the meetings, the date and time of the first webinar on CV creation and job search were agreed upon.

The events were organized by the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) with the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH within the framework of the project “Increasing self-reliance and employability of vulnerable persons in the Azov Sea region of Ukraine”.

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