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At R2P the advocacy activities are the core of our work. Yet, advocacy alone is inefficient if it is accessible only to some people and groups. So we decided to teach other active citizens how to properly organize the advocacy campaigns.

Recently in Dnipro, our colleagues Elina Shyshkina and Anastasia Odintsova shared their experiences and knowledge about the stages and components of the advocacy activities.

Правозахисниці Фонду провели тренінг з адвокації для активістів та представників громад

Representatives of the civil society organizations, Amalgamated Territorial Communities (ATCs) and from the local self-government bodies took part in the training. The choice of such stakeholders was not accidental, because they work directly with the internally displaced population and help them solve their problems.

Most of the participants themselves are internally displaced persons, so they are well aware of all the problems. According to the participants, the purpose of their participation in the training was to gain knowledge and information to be able to jointly solve the problems of migrants.

Research of Access to Administrative Services in ASCs

«It was important to give the participants an algorithm of actions, as well as show them real-life examples of successful advocacy campaigns, so they will know what should be taken into account when planning advocacy campaigns and activities. The training was organized in a mixed format and included both theoretical and practical perspectives so that participants will be able to better understand the essence and purpose of the advocacy,»

 – said Elina Shyshkina, Advocacy Coordinator of the Right to Defense Charitable Foundation.

The training was held within the program “Legal support to IDPs and local authorities” of the Project “Promotion of Social Infrastructure Development. USIF VI”, implemented by the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P) jointly with the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund (USIF).