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Mrs. Kateryna (name changed), is almost 85 years old. In September 2014, a shell hit her home in the village of Taramchuk (Donetsk region). The house was completely destroyed.

A few dozen villagers helped the woman find temporary shelter, but living near the site of the ongoing fighting was unbearable.

Even then, there was no shop or hospital in Taramchuk, and there was no water, so sometimes Mrs. Kateryna had to collect rainwater for her own needs.

2 Майже 7 років без житла. Історія Катерини

After some time, she moved to another settlement, away from the shelling.

Back then the state did not have a legal procedure for paying compensations for destroyed housing, all that women had was an act of destruction.

In mid-2020, Mrs. Kateryna came to the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P), and with the help of our lawyers, she filed a lawsuit. A few months later in September, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution №767 “The issue of monetary compensation to victims, whose houses (apartments) were destroyed as a result of a military emergency caused by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.”

Therefore, together with Mrs. Kateryna, our team almost immediately submitted all the necessary documents for consideration by the commission.  Already this year, Ms. Kateryna received compensation.

Report "IDPs Housing Needs, Intentions and Opportunities. Dnipropetrovska, Zaporizka and Kharkivska Oblasts" Звіт «Житлові потреби, наміри та можливості ВПО»

If your home has also been destroyed

as a result of hostilities

in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine

contact the CF Right to Protection (R2P) for legal assistance

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