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KYIV, UKRAINE – On 23 October 2019, the 3P Consortium will hold a conference in Kyiv aimed at raising awareness of conflict and industrial risks in eastern Ukraine, and particular vulnerabilities of the conflict-affected communities and systems. Local, regional and national authorities will participate, including representatives of the Government of Ukraine, along with representatives from the humanitarian and development communities, foreign investors, and Ukrainian civil society organisations.

The conference, funded by the European Union through its Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department, addresses three key aspects of disaster risk management:

  • Risks: Decaying industry in eastern Ukraine increases the risk of an ecological disaster – with armed conflict still unfolding in the region, this could affect millions of people on both sides of the line of contact. Making area-based information on these risks available can enable evidence-based preparedness and planning.
  • People: In an emergency, local communities are the first to be affected, and often the first to respond. Communities know best their own needs, capacities and gaps: including them in planning is crucial. Prepared communities save lives.
  • Law: Global, national and non-governmental disaster risk reduction policy frameworks and initiatives can guide the ongoing reforms of the civil protection and environmental safety sectors in Ukraine and enhance preparedness to, prevention, and protection of civilians during disasters.

3P Consortium partners will, based on these priorities, refine their activity roadmap for the coming year, and support multi-stakeholder coalitions to enhance efforts towards sound disaster risk management in eastern Ukraine, in line with commitments made under the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

“The Conference was a great opportunity for local authorities from conflict-affected areas to bring first-hand knowledge and raise awareness of these risks among national and international organisations, donors, and representatives from the new Government of Ukraine – all of whom are stakeholders with potential to mobilize resources and support better preparedness, planning and mitigation of these risks.” – Jan Severa, 3P Consortium Manager

The 3P Consortium’s work is part of the international response to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has affected 5.2 million people since 2014. Today, over 3 million people remain in need of humanitarian aid, and 6 years of fighting in eastern Ukraine have left the civilian population vulnerable to conflict-related risks, such as shelling or prolonged cuts of services. The protracted conflict has also increased the risks posed by industrial and environmental hazards present in this historically heavily industrialised area. Notably, a substantial number of such hazards sit close to the ‘line of contact’, where fighting still takes place almost daily. It is therefore paramount to reinforce local authorities’ capacity to prevent a large-scale disaster through improved planning, prepare communities to respond to these risks, and enhance capacities to protect the civilian population should a disaster strike.

“The EU is committed to supporting Ukrainian civilians affected by the ongoing conflict. We are keen on seeing the results of this important disaster risk management initiative that we are supporting in Ukraine. We believe this conference will serve as a fruitful platform to create synergies to better protect civilians from environmental and industrial hazards.” – Samuel Marie-Fanon, Head of Ukraine Office, European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid.

The Consortium

The 3P Consortium was formed in 2019, and comprises a group of international and national NGOs engaged in Ukraine – ACTED, IMPACT Initiatives, Right to Protection, the Danish Red Cross, the Austrian Red Cross, and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. Under the leadership of ACTED, the 3P Consortium works to support the reduction of disaster risk vulnerability in eastern Ukraine.

3P partners are united by their desire to prevent, prepare and protect – the ‘3P’ – civilian populations and critical service systems against the risks of natural, ecological and industrial disasters in eastern Ukraine. By October 2020, partners plan on reaching at least 15,150 people and 45 organizations in Popasna raion in Luhansk, Yasinovata and Bakhmut raions, Toretsk municipality and the Volnovakha/Mariupol area in Donetsk.