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In December, residents of Zolote-1 (“Karbonit” mine, the Severodonetsk district of the Luhansk region of Ukraine) asked the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) for help. 

The social dental office was about to be shut down

And the problem is that this office is the only one in Zolote and the surrounding villages.

Concerned residents expressed their fears about the closure of the dental office at the Outpatient Clinic of General Practice and Family Medicine №1 in Zolote (11 Medychna Street). The dental office serves the residents of several settlements: Zolote-1, Zolote-2, Zolote-3, Zolote-4, Katerynivka, other villages, and urban-type settlements along the ‘contact line’.

Specialists of the R2P consult the residents of Zolote

According to them, the dentist Raisa Lukinichna has treated many generations of residents and has never stayed away from human misery. In addition, she is often approached by socially vulnerable groups: retirees, people with disabilities, single mothers, etc. Most of them have no physical or financial ability to get to another settlement to receive the services from a private dental clinic.

Negotiations with the Hirska CMA

Specialists of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) – Dmytro Shcherbakov, a social affairs consultant, and Nataliia Zygula, a community consultant, met with the population of Zolote-1, after which they asked Oleksiy Babchenko, Head of the Hirska Civil-Military Administration, to settle the issue and keep the dentist at the clinic.

Dental office at the Outpatient Clinic of General Practice
and Family Medicine №1 in Zolote

The most valuable reward – gratitude from the residents

The next day we were informed that the head of the Hirska CMA decided to keep the dental office. Raisa Lukinichna, the dentist, confirmed that the office, which had already been sealed, had reopened and she now continues to receive patients. Meanwhile the residents of Zolote, Zolote-1, -2, -3, -4, Katerynivka, Orikhove, Novotoshkivske have sent this Thank-You Letter to us:

«We express our respect and sincere gratitude to You for taking care of the problems of the people of our region who have found themselves in a difficult situation due to the hostilities. With Your help, together we have defended our right to a dental office. In such a difficult time, when more and more people need care, it is difficult to find a person who can solve other people’s problems as their own. And there are people to whom you can safely trust your tasks. Thank You for Your work, for Your efforts! Good luck and all the best!»

On behalf of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P), we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Oleksiy Babchenko, the Chairman of the Hirska CMA, and the residents of Zolote for fruitful cooperation and their active citizenship.

Our specialists will continue to work on solving the problems of the communities to help improve access to health care for the residents of the villages and areas near the contact line.