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In Ukraine, it is forbidden to deport, extradite, or forcibly return not only refugees, but also persons who have applied for international protection (asylum seekers)!

It is a safeguard to protect against threats to life, liberty or torture in the country of affiliation.

«In legal consultations we share with lawyers and attorneys our vast experience in protecting asylum seekers who have faced the extradition check in Ukraine. We emphasize that everyone should have access to the migration procedure in Ukraine, and extradition checks should be carried out exclusively in accordance with law,»

– said Svitlana Butenko, strategic lawyer at Right to Protection CF.

More information on how to prevent the extradition of asylum seekers can now be found on the legal consultations platform WikiLegalAid. In the new material, our lawyers described in detail the legal regulation and practical aspects of the extradition of asylum seekers in Ukraine.

We offer lawyers and human rights activists to use this material in their practice as well!

UNHCR Ukraine – Aгентство ООН у справах біженців в Україні