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Migrant Accommodation Centre (MAC) is a temporary stay point for foreigners and stateless persons that have no legal right to stay on the territory of Ukraine.

There are three such points in Ukraine – in the Rozsudiv village (Chernihiv region), in the Martynivske village (Mykolaiv region) and in the Zhuravychi village (Volyn region).

A person can be placed in MAC if:

  • The court made a decision on forced expulsion against such a person.
  • The court made a decision on the detention of such a person for the purpose of identification and enforcement of expulsion.
  • A person was detained by the representatives of the State Migration Service of Ukraine and has no documents that confirm the legal grounds to stay in Ukraine.
  • A person was detained by a court decision until the completion of an asylum application in Ukraine (refugee status or complementary protection).

If you are detained and you need the help of a lawyer, call the emergency hotline of the Right to Protection CF: 

+38 (093) 038 95 62

More useful information concerning the rights of refugees and persons in need of complementary protection can be found on the Facebook page of the Refugee Helper chatbot.

UNHCR Ukraine – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine

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