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Ukraine is a signatory to the Refugee Convention and participates with the corresponding state procedure for granting refugee status.

What should I bring with me before arriving in Ukraine?

Collect your most important personal things and the following documents:

  • passport document;
  • driver’s license;
  • birth certificates.

These documents will facilitate your identification process in Ukraine.

What is important?

Take with you as much evidence as possible which confirms persecution against you and your reasons for being unable to return to your country of origin. These may be documents, audio and video recordings, etc. These things will significantly increase your chances of obtaining refugee status or complementary protection in Ukraine.

“If you have any questions regarding the procedure for granting refugee status, please contact our Charitable Fund. Our lawyers will advise you on the details of the procedure and will accompany you throughout the procedure of obtaining protection in Ukraine.” — Oleksandra Zhurko, lawyer at Right to Protection, CF.