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The event was initiated by activists of the community of internally displaced persons living in Huliaipole, and supported by the project “Advocacy and legal assistance to internally displaced population in Ukraine” implemented by DRC in partnership with “Right to protection” and supported by the UNHCR.

– Our project covered 20 regions of Ukraine, — says Victoria Salomatina, head of the regional office of the project “Advocacy and legal assistance to internally displaced population in Ukraine”. -Among the priority problems of IDP’s in need of heaters, warm clothing and shoes. The project is the integration of the IDP into local communities, in the Zaporozhye region in participation of 678 persons.

IDP, people living in remote areas, often have difficulty with socialization. For example, in Huliaipole there are more than 350 IDP women. Many of them are faced with the lack of communication, to ensure that women have the opportunity to communicate, to consult, in Huliaipole opened a circle of needlework.

The initiator of the establishment of the club is Lyudmila Goloborodko. She explains:

— For the women, who were forced to leave their homes as a result of military conflict, it is very important to have htheir own area. Here we can come together to share experiences in needlework and chat over a cup of tea.

Now women of IDP will be able to come together not only to create beautiful pieces of jewelry, toys and paintings, but also for the joint solution of actual problems.

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