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Recently we told the story of Mykhailo, who had to flee persecution from Tajikistan. Thanks to the grant from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine he began his own business and integration. Today he is a successful businessman and owns several cafes in Irpin and Bucha (Kyiv Region, Ukraine). His story is an example that nothing is impossible.

If you have a status of refugee, a person with additional protection, or You are an asylum seeker in Ukraine and You also wish to start your own business, we suggest you pay attention to the UNHCR Self-Reliance Grants for 2021.

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Self-reliance grant is a one-time assistance that can be provided to recognized refugees, persons granted complementary protection in Ukraine and asylum seekers in Ukraine who meet UNHCR criteria and have strong will to become self-reliant through starting a small or medium scale business, agricultural activity in rural areas or undergoing vocational training. 

Taking quarantine into the account, most attention will be paid to applicants who have a clear vision and plan to adapt their business to the new conditions and realities caused by COVID-19.

Deadline for applications: 1-st of April 2021

You can learn more about the program and the conditions of participation following the link: