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On June 30, Kyiv hosted the National round table “Development of social services during the war: challenges and opportunities” which held the R2P as a partner of the Ukraine Response Consortium coordinated by ACTED. The program is undertaken with the financial support of the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance USAID (BHA).

Representatives of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the National Social Service of Ukraine, territorial communities, international, national and local non-governmental organizations, social workers, social service providers discussed the development of social services during wartime.

Opening the round table, Nadiya Kovalchuk, program director of the R2P, told about the humanitarian and human rights activities of the R2P in 22 regions of Ukraine and the program of social services and social protection, which appeared and implemented by the R2P in connection with an unrealistic burden on the social sphere and the number of people in difficult life circumstances who need support due to the challenges of war.

“It is very important for us that we make this contribution to support people and that today in this circle there are representatives of government, local self-government, territorial communities and civil society who are ready to make sure that the social sphere is able to give an answer and support our people in these difficult times”.

Catherine Vizcaino, coordinator of the Response Consortium, also addressed the participants of the event, who spoke about the history of the Consortium, cooperation of partners, the implementation of the project and multi-industry assistance programs.

“We are pleased to partner with the R2P and will continue to do everything possible to help as many people as possible in Ukraine”.

Ulyana Tokareva, Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, spoke about the restart of the social sphere by the Government of Ukraine as a mechanism for responding to the challenges caused by the war. Tatyana Laktionova, Deputy Head of the National Social Service of Ukraine, outlined the prospects for the implementation of state policy in the field of social services.

The event became an important platform for determining priority areas for reforming the state policy in the field of social services, sharing experiences and ideas on the challenges and opportunities for social service of people in territorial communities, as well as developing recommendations for improving the system of social services under martial law and post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.