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The Coalition of Public Human Rights and Charitable Organizations prepared an analysis of the Draft Law of Ukraine “On the State Policy of the Transition Period”.

The draft law is the first comprehensive publicly presented document devoted to the implementation of state policy in the context of the armed conflict and further deoccupation of the currently occupied territories of Ukraine. Draft covers various areas of public policy, including economics, law, and cybersecurity.

Experts of the Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations analyzed the text of the bill in detail. The analysis indicated the need of further work on conceptual aspects in order to avoid inconsistencies with the provisions of the Legislation of Ukraine and international norms.

“Together with a coalition of human rights NGOs, we worked on a consolidated analysis of this draft law. It is important to say that this is the first document on the issue of transition policy. The bill defines various areas of state policy to be pursued after the end of hostilities and in the context of deoccupation of territories. At the same time, based on the results of the analysis, it can be concluded that a number of provisions of this project need significant refinement. ”

– said Elina Shyshkina, advocacy coordinator at Right to Protection CF

You can view and download the Draft Law Analysis in .pdf format (in Ukrainian)

Висновок коаліції НДО щодо проєкту закону про політику перехідного періоду Conclusion of the NGO coalition on the draft law “On the State Policy of the Transition Period”

The conclusion was prepared by experts of the following organizations:

NGO “DonbasSOS”

NGO “KrymSOS” 

Right to Protection CF

Vostok SOS CF


Stabilization Support Services in Ukraine CF

ZMINA Human Rights Center

Crimean Human Rights Group (CHRG)