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On March 17, the Kharkiv office of the Right to Protection (R2P) organized an online webinar to discuss problematic issues in working with the «Social Hromada» system.

The event was joined by the representatives of the amalgamated territorial communities (hromadas), Administrative Service Centers (ASC) and the Department of Labor and Social Protection in the Kharkiv region.

During the webinar, officials who have been working with the program for a long time and those who have just joined were given the opportunity to share their experiences and advice.

What is a «Social Hromada»?

The information system «Social Hromada» is a client-server WEB-application, which is designed to bring administrative social services to the residents of the amalgamated territorial communities.

Advantages of the «Social Hromada» program for officials who work in amalgamated communities:

  • Professionals can process information and provide administrative services much faster. This makes a great workflow optimization – information can be processed by only one employee. Without using the «Social Hromada» same amount of work requires multiple employees to handle one particular task;
  • Head of the territorial community and specialists of the social protection service can monitor the processing of applications and carry out a quick search for any required data. This is possible due to the presence of an electronic “log of appeals”.

Advantages of the «Social Hromada» program for the population:

  • No need to go, for example, to a remote district center in order to receive social administrative services;
  • Possibility to track the status of applications online after contacting the “front” office.

Right to Protection (R2P) expresses special gratitude to the speakers of the webinar: Tetyana Shevchenko, head of the department of social protection of the executive committee of Bilozirka village council;  Nonna Turlo, Head of the Department of Automated Documentation Processing and Social Monitoring of the Department of Social Protection of the Chuhuiv District State Administration; Maryna Torbina, a specialist in the social protection department of the Merefa City Council.

R2P actively cooperates with the united territorial communities in order to ensure the protection of the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Соціальна громада Social Hromada

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