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Right to Protection CF recently launched a new online course “Webinars: Tips for Human Rights Activists”. Its program consists of five modules and is designed for representatives of non-governmental organizations, law clinics students, as well as for free legal aid centers.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the organization’s specialists urgently needed to find new ways to fully work during the quarantine. Therefore, teams at R2P offices have successfully mastered the opportunities provided through the Internet for remote work.

“Even at the beginning of the pandemic, it became clear that the need for our support for people in need has not disappeared, and in some areas it has even increased due to new problems and quarantine restrictions. The beneficiaries could not visit our offices, so we decided to come to them with the help of technology – in particular, webinars.”

– said our colleague Anna Bukreeva.

The idea to create an online course “Webinars: Tips for Human Rights Defenders” originated during communication with beneficiaries via online means. Having successfully tested the capabilities of the broadcasting platforms and video conferencing applications, together with a partner, the Foundation began to develop a course for NGOs, free legal aid systems, as well as for law clinics students.

The training course is implemented within the project “Support to the transition of competences in the provision of legal aid services to local providers of such services and increase their capacity” with the support of the Norwegian Refugee Council in Ukraine and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.