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On the February of 18th and 19th Right to Protection CF team held two online webinars on Protection Mainstreaming Bakhmut district public servants. 

Відбулись онлайн семінари зі зменшення ризику катастроф для чиновників Бахмутського району R2P held webinars on risk vulnerability reduction for Bakhmut district officials

Representatives of Intensive Care Hospitals, Social Protection Service, Child Protection Departments participated in these webinars. In addition, representatives of amalgamated hromadas (Zvanivka and Siversk) attended the webinars. 

Main focus of discussions was set on improvement of coordination in order to protect and prepare the most vulnerable groups in the communities for the potential natural and industrial disasters risks in the region. The key feature of these webinars is that those are focused not only on talks but to find actual solutions to the existing problems.

During the webinars such question were raised and discussed:

  • How to protect schoolchildren during an emergency? 
  • How school psychologists might be integrated in emergency response activities?
  • What might be the role of starostas (village leaders) in an emergency context?
  • How interaction between humanitarian actors and health workers might be improved?

«Reducing Risk Vulnerability in Eastern Ukraine» Project is funded by USAID – US Agency for International Development (in particular, by its USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, BHA), and has been implemented since 2019 by 3P Consortium led by ACTED Ukraine.

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