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R2P has been included in the Register of providers and recipients of social services. It means that now the government officially recognizes social workers of the R2P as providers of such services.  

All organizations that provide social services must work in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “About Social Services”, meet the criterias for the activities of social service providers and be included in the Register of providers and recipients of social services. In order to be included in it, you must meet several criterias and complete the appropriate  registration.

“We wanted to become officially recognized by the government as providers of social services, as this provides a mechanism for the transparency of the market of providers of such services. Thanks to the existence of the Register, the government and social protection authorities have access to information about all social service providers. This allows us to urgently and qualitatively satisfy the needs of the people,” – said Olha Nosova, coordinator of the social protection of the R2P. 

Inclusion in the Register also contributes to the distribution of information about the available social services provided by the R2P, and will facilitate easier access to them by such intermediaries as government and local government offices who may be looking for resources to help people.

Social services – are actions aimed at preventing difficult life situations, overcoming such situations or minimizing their negative consequences for individuals/families who are in them. 

Services included in the Register from the social protection program of the R2P:

  • informing;
  • consultancy;
  • representation of interests (conducting negotiations on behalf of the recipient of social services, help in drafting or restoring documents, etc.); 
  • social prevention (a complex of actions aimed at preventing, limiting and stopping negative social phenomena and their consequences);
  • physical accompaniment of people with disabilities who have musculoskeletal disorders and move around in wheelchairs, with intellectual, sensory, physical, motor, mental and behavioral disorders;
  • transport services (in Kyiv region, Kryvyi Rih, Pavlograd, Chernivtsi region);
  • social support of families/persons in difficult life circumstances (in Chernihiv and Sumy regions).

Besides the above services, there are 6 social services, which are included in the Register and will be implemented by social workers R2P: 

  • social support during employment and at the workplace (help in the adaptation of a person to the work, arrangement of the workplace for persons with disabilities);
  • social adaptation (training, formation and development of social skills, correction of behavior in everyday life);
  • social integration and reintegration (correction of behavior in everyday life, help in strengthening/restoring family and socially beneficial ties); 
  • care at home (for the elderly and persons/children with disabilities), help in self-care, movement in household conditions, help in organizing interaction with other specialists and services, help in providing technical means for rehabilitation;
  • sign language translation (translation of sign language and verbal language for persons with hearing and speech impairments during their visit to some administrative institutions, social, medical, educational and other institutions); 
  • emergency (crisis) intervention (psychosocial first aid, consulting, informing, representation of interests, help in the organization of receiving free legal aid, asylum, etc.).