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What is the difference between the asylum seeker and person in need of additional protection? How to appeal the refusal to recognize a person as a refugee? What are the rights of a stateless person? How to confirm the citizenship of Ukraine?

Comprehensive answers to these and other questions can now be found in the handbook “Legal Protection of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Stateless Persons in Ukraine” which was developed by the Right to Protection CF team specifically for lawyers and attorneys who work or have just begun to work with the cases of asylum seekers, refugees and stateless persons.

Goal of this handbook is to systematize knowledge and skills in the field of protection of the rights of these persons. Each page has valuable and practical information. Handbook consists of two sections with corresponding subsections.

R2P hopes that the collected information will be useful, interesting and helpful to every human rights activist!

Handbook can be viewed or downloaded
following this link (in Ukrainian).