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For almost 1 month, the R2P`s Emergency Response Team has been working in Kherson and its surroundings, which have suffered many tragedies since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

For the first time, we have equipped mobile teams to work in conditions of increased risk to life. Four mobile teams have been trained to operate in dangerous conditions under daily shelling.  

Our specialists take a holistic approach to the problems of the region’s residents, working with local authorities to better understand people’s needs. They provide a wide range of assistance to victims of flooding and shelling: legal aid, psychological support, social protection, also register for cash assistance. From July the R2P`s Emergency Response Teams provide beneficiaries with dignity kits (hygiene products) and also cleaning kits are planned.

“Most often, people apply for compensation for destroyed homes, financial assistance, restoration of documents, and social services. Especially the elderly find it difficult to understand the intricacies of the law. We explain and advise them. In some cases, we help with transportation and accompaniment to government or medical institutions. Our psychologist also assists the victims. People have lost their homes and are constantly under fire. They are strong, but they need support,” said Oleksandr Matvienko, head of one of the emergency teams.

Despite the difficult conditions, the R2P teams are doing their best to provide assistance to people who desperately need it. 

“The local people are amazing in their resilience. Having survived first the occupation, then the hydroelectric disaster and constant shelling, they never lose their optimism. This inspires us to keep working”, says Anna Paniv, one of the cash assistance enumerator.

Let’s keep working!