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On November 26, 2020, the Right to Protection CF, an executive partner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine (UNHCR) hosted an online School of Migration Law.

Law students from different cities and different universities of Ukraine had the opportunity to join the event, during which they were introduced to such concepts as “asylum seeker”, “recognized refugee”, “person in need of additional protection in Ukraine” and “stateless person”, and also received information on the legislation of Ukraine, which regulates the status of such persons in Ukraine.

Participants of the Migration School also had the opportunity to communicate with representatives of asylum seekers, refugees and stateless persons in Ukraine, hear their personal stories, as well as learn about problems and difficulties they face often .

«The main purpose of the Migration School was to provide students with theoretical and practical information on the protection of the rights of recognized refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons in Ukraine, as well as to acquaint them with the practice of asylum seekers in the ECtHR. All participants were active and asked lots of questions to our lawyers, as well as wished the Migration School to be held more often»,

– summed up Oleksandra Lukyanenko, the lawyer at Right to Protection CF

R2P expresses sincere gratitude to all the students who joined the online School!

Whole 3-hour video of the event is available for viewing