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On 13 October 1989, the United Nations General Assembly in their resolution called on all the countries of the world to take action to tackle the risks posed by natural hazards such as fires, storms and floods. Most of these events are directly related to changes in the environment, as well as to human activities.

Over the last year, a large number of both natural and human-driven disasters have occurred in Ukraine. These include a sandstorm in the Kyiv region in April, huge floods in the west in June and fires in the Luhansk region this month. These and other catastrophes have dealt a severe blow to Ukraine’s economy, environment and well-being, leaving a lot of people homeless.

That is why the UN and other international organizations have always emphasized the importance of creating a safe environment for citizens and reducing potential risks by building infrastructure and addressing humanitarian issues before a disaster occurs, and, accordingly, clear emergency planning and risk assessment.
This day is a reminder to world governments of the importance to always calculate risky scenarios to avoid human casualties or serious economic losses.

The Right to Protection CF calls on citizens to participate in governance processes to jointly address future risks!