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UNHCR representation in Ukraine invites to join the Community Support Initiatives (CSI) project. If you are an asylum seeker or a refugee and have an idea of the project that would benefit your community—check this out!

UNHCR representation in Ukraine and its Partners in the regions announce the start of the Community Support Initiatives (CSI) project. Community Support Initiatives are ideas of projects that are brought by members of communities with the aim of promoting awareness of their rights and the suggestions of the communities on improvements/changes to their current situation.

The start of the application project is today, July 1st! The end of the application project is on September 15th, 2020.

Pay attention! The sooner your active group submits the project, the sooner you’ll receive feedback and can start with its implementation! Because real changes start with each of us; and if we unite our efforts we will make the change happen quicker and more effectively.

You can discuss your idea and the application process with UNHCR Partners in different locations:

Kyiv: Rokada (Благодійний фонд “Рокада”). Address: 7 Chumaka Str., Tel: 044 501 56 96.
Odesa: The Tenth of April (Десяте Квітня). Address: 15 Heroiv Krut Str., office 511. Tel: 093 662 85 24.
Kharkiv: Right to Protection (Право на захист). Address: 85 Chernyshevska Str., Tel: 099 507 90.
Lviv and Zakarpattya: NEEKA Ukraine. Address: 3 Michurina Str., Mukachevo, Tel: 03131 321 22.

Please inquire for the details at the Organizations listed above depending on your location. They will explain the requirements and selection process, as well as help you develop your project idea.