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Earlier we reported that a week ago, on December 15, while crossing the contact line, queue crowd at the Stanytsia Luhanska Entry-Exit Checkpoint (EECP) pushed 70-year-old Ms. A. which resulted in an injury of a closed internal fracture of two ankle bones. After providing first aid, the ambulance took Ms. A. to the hospital, where the operation was performed.

Швидка приїхала на виклик Emergency took the woman to the hospital

Yesterday, on December 22, the same woman contacted the monitors of the Right to Protection CF at the Stanytsia Luhanska EECP after hospital rehabilitation. During this time, Ms. A. received an ID-passport, with which she planned to return to the non-government controlled areas of Ukraine, but she was denied entry because she did not have a pass issued for a new passport.

The staff of the R2P helped the woman with a new application. As Ms. A. did not have the means to buy food after her treatment, observers from the Right to Protection CF gave her a grocery set.

Пані А. у лікарні woman in hospital receives the grocery set

While waiting, the woman complained of feeling unwell and needed medical help again. After the permit was finally issued, representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine helped to transport Ms. A. through the EECP in a wheelchair and she was finally able to return home.

We appeal to people crossing the Entry-Exit Checkpoints in Donetsk and Luhansk regions and urge them to be attentive, careful, keep their distance, and respect others! The health and lives of the people around you depend on your actions.

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