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In September and October 2020 fires in the Luhansk region resulted in catastrophic consequences. The most difficult situation is along the contact line on the territory of Stanytsia-Luhanska, Novoaidar and the Severodonetsk districts, where more than 30 settlements fell into the affected area.

Wildfires fires in Luhansk Oblast

To eliminate the consequences of fires, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allocated more than 185 million UAH from the reserve fund of the state budget to the Luhansk Regional State Administration (CMU order № 1269-r of October 13, 2020 “On the allocation of funds from the reserve fund of the state budget”).

Material assistance is provided in the case of:

  • death of a family member – UAH 200000;
  • serious injuries – UAH 50000;
  • moderate injuries – UAH 30000;
  • minor injuries – UAH 20000.

In order to create appropriate living conditions:

  • 300000 UAH per family will be allocated to the owners of completely destroyed residential buildings;
  • 50000 hryvnias per family will be allocated to the owners of residential buildings that are subject to major repairs.

To receive monetary compensation, victims must submit a package of documents (copies of passport, identification code, document of ownership of housing, commission act about the degree of damage from the fire, current account in a bank) to the relevant administrative units or to Civil-military administrations of settlements at the location of housing and applicant’s residence.

The situation is complicated by the fact that many people have lost their identity documents or the documents confirming the ownership of housing.

On the first days of the tragedy, lawyers of the Right to Protection CF and the NRC-NMFA traveled to the affected settlements and now provide legal assistance on recovering lost documents and on the procedure for obtaining payments from the state budget for households affected by the fire.

Our colleagues have already consulted 418 victims, accompanied the person to the First State Notary Office to obtain a duplicate certificate of inheritance, filed 5 lawsuits for recognition of property rights (some people have not inherited the house or property at the moment it burned down, so the notary refused to issue a certificate).

Right to Protection CF provides free legal assistance to the victims of wildfires in Luhansk region.

Call us if You need legal help:

(099) 507–50–90

(068) 507–50–90

(093) 507–50–90

Assistance is provided with the support of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Ukraine and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.