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The problem of statelessness can happen to anyone. This can be the result of fire, any natural disaster or even fraud. And someone may fall victim to a bureaucratic mistake made in time of the fall of Soviet power.

The story of the Right to Protection CF beneficiary Ms. Olena began many years ago. The woman was born and lived in Ukraine for her whole life. Back in the days she had a Soviet passport.

For some time Olena was not registered at any place of residence. When a woman worked at the factory in Kharkiv, she did not have her own flat or house, as well as was not able to get a dormitory room, thus having no ability to receive registration of the place of residence. It was the year 1991. By the law, a person who officially resided in Ukraine as of August 24 and / or November 13, 1991 is considered a citizen. Despite the fact that Olena was officially employed, she could not prove her citizenship for many years.

Employees of the State Migration Service of Ukraine advised the women to apply for help to the office of the Right to Protection CF in Kharkiv. A number of lawyer’s requests were made and a statement to the court was prepared. During the proceedings, our lawyer represented Ms. Olena’s interests in the courts and proved that she had resided in Ukraine as of August 24, 1991.

Due to the high competence and efficiency of the management of the Kharkiv district department of the State Customs Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region in the person of Dmytro Kolesnyk and Lilia Myshchenko, the procedure of establishing Olena’s identity was carried out, and all the necessary documents for passport issuance were collected and prepared.


«Finally, I feel like a full-fledged person, a citizen of my country, where I live from my birth. I am so happy!»,

– Says Olena, without hiding her tears of joy, after receiving the Ukrainian passport she had been dreaming of for almost 30 years.

Now, Olena finally can fully exercise all the rights granted by the Constitution and the Laws of Ukraine. Now she can officially work, receive medical and social assistance, buy property and real estate, land, as well as to enjoy full belonging to the citizenship of her Homeland.