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Here we present digest on IDPs and conflict affected persons for September prepared by R2P.  This digest has been produced with the assistance of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in the frame of the project Advocacy, Protection and Legal Assistance to the Internally Displaced Population.


● On September 4 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of an R2P beneficiary in a model case. The Supreme Court judgment should make the court procedure easier in cases on the restoration of pensions. This has already been proved by the decisions in 12 cases decided since September 2018.
● Reconstruction at Mariinka and Stanytsia Luhanska EECPs has led to improvements in waiting conditions and, at Stanytsia Luhanska, turnover capacity, but infrastructure and other improvements are still needed at all checkpoints.

The document can also be downloaded from our website in English and Ukrainian.

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