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Here we present digest on IDPs and conflict affected persons for July prepared by R2P. This digest has been produced with the assistance of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in the frame of the project Advocacy, Protection and Legal Assistance to the Internally Displaced Population.


  • The Court of Appeals judgement on Cabinet of Ministers (CoM) Resolution 365 is not being enforced. The majority of the Departments of Social Protection (DoSPs) continue conducting home visits prior to reinstating social and pension payments.
  • The majority of cases on pension suspension are pending in the courts and will be granted consideration after R2P’s model case judgement is issued (The Supreme Court completed hearings of R2P’s model case concerning the resumption of an internally displaced person’s (IDP) pension payments and arrears from April 2017). The hearing is scheduled for 4 September.
  • R2P released its mid-year review on reasons for and conditions of crossing the line of contact (LoC).

The document can also be downloaded from our website in English and Ukrainian.

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