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Recently, an internally displaced person (IDP) who lives with two underage daughters in a dormitory in the Novomoskovsk district of the Dnipropetrovsk region applied to the Dnipro office of the Right to Protection CF. Their previous residence, although renovated at the beginning of the mass relocation of IDPs from the conflict zone, already required significant investment. Moreover, relations with other residents of the dormitory were strained (as it is usually in the places of compact settlement).

The family was non-conflicting but other people who lived with them under one roof seemed to enjoy quarrels. The woman was worried that this situation had a negative effect on her daughter, because the child’s psyche could not abstract from the negative. One day she decided to change her life. The woman contacted the Dnipro office of the Right to Protection CF to find out about the possibilities of resettlement and the necessary actions. Colleagues provided her with all the necessary information about available community housing, government housing programs, and temporary housing facilities in the area.

The family made the choice taking into account that it is better for them to live near the city of Dnipro, where the eldest daughter studies. So the family moved to a dormitory in the Chumaky village in the Dnipropetrovsk region, which is 40 minutes from the regional center. This facility has the status of temporary housing and was renovated as part of a UFSI project with the assistance of KfW Bank.


Now the woman is satisfied with the changes in her life: the dormitory is renovated, has all the necessary furniture and appliances. Her eldest daughter studies in Dnipro and lives in a student dormitory, but on all weekends and holidays she hurries to a new home to the family.

The Dnipro team of the Right to Protection hopes that the changes will bring only the positive to the lives of a family!