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Due to the life circumstances Oleksandr became homeless. He lost his family, hope for the future and his overall health condition worsened much. The only thing he had is an old Soviet passport, which is completely useless today as there is no such country on the political map of the world.

For a long time Oleksandr has been living in a warehouse. In addition, the man had vision problems. 

Oleksandr contacted us for help in order to update his documents and obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, which he never had. With the help of a lawyer from the Severodonetsk office of the Right to Protection CF, the necessary documents were collected. The department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine registered Oleksandr as a citizen of Ukraine even without the need of a court procedure.

After receiving his passport, Oleksandr was able to settle in a dormitory and receive much needed medical care. These holidays a man will finally meet in the warm.

Олександр нарешті отримав паспорт громадянина України Olexandr finally received the passport of a citizen of Ukraine