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We have collected the life histories of court cases which were or are now being litigated by human rights defenders of the Right to Protection CF (R2P).

These stories are about the retirees of Donbas: people who decided to start a new life in a new place, about temporarily displaced persons, about people who, unable to withstand the difficulty of life in their location of
displacement, returned home, as well as those who could not leave their homes in uncontrolled territory (NGCA) because of helplessness.

All these stories are united by a common issue: people continuing to suffer from the consequences of war and having been deprived of their single source of income during old age – retirement benefits.

However, they found the internal strength to fight for this right guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine.

Let us introduce you to both positive and negative court decisions and try to look behind the meager wording and find human DESTINIES …