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On the 15-th of January 2021 25 free antigen SARS-CoV-2 rapid tests were delivered to the Novotroitske Entry-Exit Checkpoint in Donetsk region (EECP) as it was reported from the location by our colleagues, the monitors of the Right to Protection CF.

 «Medical center at EECP is open until 14:30 and depends on the traffic schedule. Therefore, those who come to the checkpoint after this time and without a smartphone will be sent to the village of Gostre for observation. Besides that, we’ve found that only two people per hour can be tested. In result, only 10-11 people per day can have antigen rapid tests free of charge. ,»

– says Kateryna Rachynska, monitor at Right to Protection CF. 

Mechanism of termination of self-isolation is not worked out.  According to our information, logic of actions of employees at the testing points in case of positive results of the antigen rapid test and an algorithm of work with those who cannot install the application «Vdoma» for technical reasons is still in development.

«Mechanism to cancel the requirement for self-isolation on the basis of a rapid test is being finalized, but people will still have to install the «Vdoma» app. According to the Cabinet of Ministers resolution №9 of 05.01.2021, the application should be installed by all citizens who cross EECPs (except those who do not have a smartphone), and having a test or not is a person’s choice. Everything should have been like this: application «Vdoma» + negative test = cancelled self-isolation;  «Vdoma» + positive test = continuation of self-isolation until the end of 14 days observation period or a negative PCR test result;  no smartphone/no app + negative test = the person goes home (though this stage has not yet been completed in practice);  no smartphone/no app + positive test = observation »

told Iryna Petsko, legal analyst at the Right to Protection CF

At 11:20 a woman with a child arrived at the EECP from the Non-Government Controlled Area (NGCA). She had «Vdoma» app installed on her phone and was the first to have a free coronavirus rapid test, and in 20 minutes received a negative result. The woman was let through, but she will still have to wait for a message in the application on the removal of self-isolation until a new mechanism is established.

The situation is more complicated for a man who tried to cross the contact line without a smartphone. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine says that they did not receive instructions to allow people without «Vdoma» application to pass. Given the current conditions, even with a negative test result person will still be sent for an observation. 

We are monitoring the situation and will report all the changes. Follow us to receive most up-to-date information: