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In June R2P, as the implementer of the pilot project “Emergency aid Ukraine/Chernihiv: Resilience assistance to social service institutions in Chernihiv oblast”, with the assistance of the German organization AWO International and financial support from Aktion Deutschland Hilft, completed the following repairs:

Bomb Shelter in Pryluky Special School

This boarding school educates 82 children with intellectual disabilities (including 45 children with disabilities, 13 orphans and children deprived of parental care). Before the start of this school year, the issue of arranging a bomb shelter where children and school staff could feel relatively safe during air raids.

The school has a basement that was used to store vegetables before the introduction of martial law. However, the space needed to be repaired. The basement had high humidity, poor lighting, there was no air ventilation or heating, the walls and floor needed considerable repair work.

The Right to Protection began repair work on the shelter and purchased the necessary furniture for the children to stay comfortably during the alarms.

Repair and technical equipment of the “Social Laundry” on the premises of the Territorial Center of Social Services of the Nizhyn City Council

Everything in the old premises was redone: from the floor, walls, ceiling, replacement of windows, ventilation to the installation of washing and drying machines, an ironing press, a sewing machine and furniture. 

Social workers provide laundry and repair services for people in difficult life circumstances who are unable to do laundry at home. These services are also available to IDPs living in the Nizhyn Territorial Community.